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This kitchen needs a hero…

More ideas to torture my cat with…
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"Aaah! You my man!"

Loved this scene. That dude was awesome

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Pabu, the Acrobatic Cat

Pabu: Jump!  Jump!  Double-jump!

Always love me some well tuned cat jumping shots

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Because poor Razgriz puts up with so much shit in this house…
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Havoc works

Yes please!
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Too damn cute!
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Hanging with newly signed heavy metal band Unlocking the Truth \m/

black boy excellence!

theyre sooo good i listened to them and was so impressed… 8th grade boys… i love it…

I don’t even want to make this about race. The fact that they kick so much ass at such a young age is all I care about. Black. White. Asian. Hispanic. Doesn’t matter the race. Metal spans everything and I’m glad to see that. I seriously hope these dudes can get a few albums out. Last young group I remember was Black Tide and they sadly only were good for two albums when they were slated as the next Metallica.

All I can say is rock the fuck on young dudes, and being the heaviness! Eager to see where this goes!!

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One of the few times where Iroh is blunt as hell

Iroh was the best man

Iroh really helped make this show. Between wise words, advice Zuko needed from a father figure when he couldn’t rely on his own father, and some of the just funniest lines. I just loved his character

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I saw this on facebook and I was so done….

I cannot say it was this epic but it ranked up there.
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Remember when Team Rocket would just dig a fucking hole every week

Ahh the good ol days. Not like these new fangled machine building Rockets kids have these days! *adjusts dentures with tongue and flails a cane randomly at the air*

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