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Guys this picture is so important to me. Sometimes i back out of cosplaying a character because im worried people will judge me or shame me for doing it because im black. Im constantly worried people wont take my cosplays seriously because im just a black girl dressing up as iconic white characters. And sometimes that fear makes me feel like I shouldnt do it, like cosplaying isnt for me and I shouldnt go to cons.
But meeting this little girl made me understand how important it is to show my love for characters even if they arent my race. This little girl came up to me and asked for a picture at LexCon, and I almost cried. She came up to me the ONLY black Harley in a sea of perfectly “accurate” white Harleys. And I was so happy she did, and so happy I was there. Im glad I chose to cosplay a character I love, and to be there representing black cosplayers, because now this little girl might have a little bit more confidence in herself. Maybe my being there helped this little girl see that even girls like her can be geeky and cosplay whoever they want.
I really hope so. I know this made me feel more confident. And this is a picture im gonna treasure forever!

Proper dedication of cosplay right here. The way it should be. The love of the character and making folks happy. OP, you are awesome and keep rocking!
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Tried on some Louboutins… I’m in love.

Because my lady is high class! Nevermind the fact she’ll have about 5” over me in those things but god it’ll be worth it seeing her in those!
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I.. I don’t really know what’s going on… but it had me giggling. Damn you internet.

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While Kabuterimon was never one of my favorites I will never take away from an awesome cosplay ever. Holy crap that’s amazing.
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I could have used this information over the last 29 years of my god damn life

What the unholy hell?! Seriously, this could’ve been used at so many damn points in my packing!!! At least now I know for the upcoming camping trips.
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The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim - Ebony Armor Cosplay by Folkenstal

Sources: x | x | x | x

I… I’m not crying. It’s just beautiful. So beautiful…

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Aw, man. I think cuccos are great!
Based on this

Lol if you don’t piss them off I can see this happening. Shame they’re also Bringers of Death
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God damn pyro… I love you and your silly ways

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God ain’t that the truth?

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Hot damn! Just signed up to become a member of Z.E.R.T.. Cannot wait!

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